The mission of the Heinzerling Foundation Dietary Departments is to serve the best quality food that meets the developmental and nutritional needs and preferences of our residents.

There are two dietary departments within the Heinzerling Foundation, one at HMF (the children’s facility) and one at HDC (the adult facility). A registered dietitian in each department serves as the department director. The directors oversee a staff of qualified supervisors, cooks, trayline staff and dish machine operators.

Each director assesses the nutritional needs of each resident and formulates a plan to meet those needs. Menus follow a four week cycle that changes for spring/summer and fall/winter. Holiday menus include traditional favorites. The departments specialize in preparing every food item in a texture that is compatible with the developmental and oral motor abilities of our residents and as prescribed by our therapists and physicians. Textures range from blended, coarse blended, fine chopped, and chopped to bite size. Liquids are also served in various texture levels to facilitate safe swallowing. The dietary department provides food for all of the special events within the facility. This assures that the residents will receive their appropriate texture while participating in these special activities. Family style dining often takes place at mealtime to encourage socialization.

Due to the low level of oral skills and to promote safety, many of our residents require tube feedings. Oral feedings do continue for residents with a G-tube if safety permits. The department prepares numerous formulas to insure that these residents receive proper nutrition. Dietary also provides all required adaptive equipment for each resident’s dining program. Snacks are provided as desired by the resident and/or the direct care staff. Individual food preferences are indicated by the resident, the direct care staff and family members and menu items are substituted accordingly. In addition, dietary staff prepares and sends packed lunches for residents who attend offsite programs each day.

The combined departments prepare 107,000 meals and 217,000 snacks per year. Just as it is at home, the food is prepared with love – it’s just made in larger proportions and served by professionals.

For more information about our dietary department contact:

Heinzerling Memorial Foundation (childrens facility)
Lois Parker, Director of Dietary RDLD
(614) 272-8888

Heinzerling Developmental Center (adult facility)
Samantha Bland, Director of Dietary RDLD
(614) 272-2000

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