The Programming Department is the heart of care at the Heinzerling Foundation. The programming staff includes a team of direct care assistants, unit managers, and teachers who work together to provide quality care for each resident. Our round-the-clock staff of direct care assistants and unit managers provide personal care, as well as recreational and educational experiences. Although we realize that our staff can never replace the love of family, we encourage direct care assistants to develop special bonds with 3-5 residents who they will care for on a regular basis. Direct care assistants provide personal care for those residents’ who are not able to participate in their care.

For those residents who are able to participate in daily living activities, we encourage maintenance of current skills while fostering continued growth toward independence. Each resident has an Individual Habilitation Program which outlines the priority and non-priority goals that the resident will be working on throughout the year. Along with the team, our staff of teachers develop individualized goals for each resident. The focus of these goals may be to develop skills in communication, socialization, leisure or daily living activities. We believe that every resident has the potential to learn, and we strive for residents to function as independently as possible.

The unit managers and teachers also work together as a team to plan a variety of social activities for our residents. These activities include: Camp, Zoo trips, Movies, Dances, Kings Island trips, weekly swim trips, seasonal parties, etc. Staff are encouraged to involve our residents in a variety of these recreational experiences.

For more information about our programming department contact:

Heinzerling Memorial Foundation
Colleen Channel, Director of Programming
(614) 272-8888

Heinzerling Developmental Center
Rachel Hayes, Director of Programming
(614) 272-2000

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